Press Release: LOHAS Celebrates its 5-Year Anniversary

October 20, 2021

Press Release: LOHAS Celebrates its 5-Year Anniversary

Thought Leader in Impact Investing Continues its Expansion

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, October 20, 2021 — / — Officially launched at SOCAP in October 2016, the impact investing advisory firm LOHAS Capital has now been delivering strategic marketing and fundraising support to socially and environmentally impactful ventures for five years. Leveraging relationships and data within the family office and impact investor community as well as specialized technology and techniques, the LOHAS team has helped generate capital, awareness, and influencer support for numerous health, sustainability, and social impact ventures.

LOHAS has continued to expand during its five-year history, launching LOHAS Advisors in 2019 to provide impact investment consulting services to investors and their advisors. As the LOHAS team has grown, LOHAS Advisors has been instrumental in empowering individuals, organizations, and their investment managers to reach their financial return and impact goals. The team remains committed to the concept that real impact can be achieved without sacrificing profitability.

Noteworthy Partner Accomplishments

The LOHAS team and practice areas have also increased substantially since the firm’s launch. Dan Hughes, a Partner and the originator of the LOHAS Advisors practice, has established the firm as a thought leader at the intersection of impact and influence capital, leading dozens of family office investment event keynote panel sessions consisting of current and former professional athletes highlighting their impactful endeavors off the field or court.

LOHAS has also been instrumental in supporting the intergenerational transfer of wealth and identifying impact endeavors to bridge the gap between generations. LOHAS Partner Tami Kesselman has been pivotal in developing and sharing strategies for both sides of the generational divide, including many publications on the wealth transfer subject and speaking engagements at numerous family office and impact investor events.

Recognizing that storytelling has the power to create social change and transformation on a global level, LOHAS has also embraced the world of Social Impact Entertainment (“SIE”) with the addition of LOHAS Partner William Nix, who has been a pioneer in the SIE arena. As a founder of the Social Impact Entertainment Task Force of the Producers Guild of America, and a founder and Co-Executive Director of the SIE Society (the leading alliance of SIE professionals and organizations around the world), Will has worked tirelessly to help parties leverage the power of film, television, and other entertainment mediums to generate greater cause awareness as well as attractive returns.

Now Promoting Use of Donated Capital to Invest in For-Profit Impact Endeavors

Now entering its sixth year, LOHAS is once again pushing the impact investing envelope by educating and promoting the use of donated capital as a source of investment into for-profit impact funds, companies, projects, and productions. A long proponent of using donor-advised funds (DAF’s) as impact investment vehicles, LOHAS has broadened its offerings to enable not only DAF investment for individual and corporate investors but also the use of fiscal sponsor programs as a means for impact investment funds and SIE productions to capture donated capital to support their socially and environmentally impactful efforts.

Our Gratitude

Over the last five years, the LOHAS team has been thrilled to experience the rapid expansion of impact investing as both the number of new impact ventures skyrockets and a range of new investors (from individuals to families to corporations and others) pursue paths that generate both profit and impact. The LOHAS team is forever grateful to our clients and partners that have shared in this wonderful journey with us. We thank you for our past successes and remain confident that our mutual accomplishments – and our collective impact – will be even more dramatic in the years to come!


About LOHAS Capital

LOHAS Capital is dedicated to strategic marketing and fundraising efforts for socially and environmentally impactful businesses, funds, projects, and productions.

About LOHAS Advisors

LOHAS Advisors provides impact investment advisory services to investors and their advisors.

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LOHAS works with its clients and their investment advisors and wealth managers to identify the optimal mix of financial requirements and social or environmental values for investing that delivers both profit and impact.

LOHAS works with its clients and their investment advisors and wealth managers to understand risk/return profiles and explore alternative investment strategies, and then we source, analyze, help structure, and support impact investment transactions.

LOHAS works with a variety of clients on issues most relevant to them, customizing each engagement to meet their needs; but we also focus heavily on key areas and strategies that reflect our team’s expertise and more effectively enable our clients’ aspirations.

Investment seeking both profit and impact comes from a growing variety of sources - from individual investors to organizations to their advisors - and LOHAS works with each to support their specific needs, developing customized strategies and providing hands-on implementation.

Whether keynoting or moderating family office, impact investing, or social impact entertainment conferences, contributing to leading publications, delivering or participating in webinars or podcasts, or providing interviews on key industry topics, the LOHAS team helps drive public discourse on investment delivering both profit and impact.

LOHAS team members leverage vast operational experience and extensive industry relationships to deliver execution-ready impact investing strategies with enabling partner affiliations and hands-on support.