LOHAS works with its clients and their investment advisors and wealth managers to identify the optimal mix of financial requirements and social or environmental values for investing that delivers both profit and impact.

LOHAS works with its clients and their investment advisors and wealth managers to understand risk/return profiles and explore alternative investment strategies, and then we source, analyze, help structure, and support impact investment transactions.

LOHAS works with a variety of clients on issues most relevant to them, customizing each engagement to meet their needs; but we also focus heavily on key areas and strategies that reflect our team’s expertise and more effectively enable our clients’ aspirations.

Investment seeking both profit and impact comes from a growing variety of sources – from individual investors to organizations to their advisors – and LOHAS works with each to support their specific needs, developing customized strategies and providing hands-on implementation.

Whether keynoting or moderating family office, impact investing, or social impact entertainment conferences, contributing to leading publications, delivering or participating in webinars or podcasts, or providing interviews on key industry topics, the LOHAS team helps drive public discourse on investment delivering both profit and impact.

LOHAS team members leverage vast operational experience and extensive industry relationships to deliver execution-ready impact investing strategies with enabling partner affiliations and hands-on support.

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LOHAS operates at the intersection of impact investing and philanthropy, enabling the investment of tax-deductible, charitable contributions and foundation grants into for-profit, private-sector socially and environmentally impactful companies, funds, projects, and entertainment productions, using donor-advised funds, fiscal sponsor programs, charitable trusts, and related structures and strategies to deliver sustainable impact. Visit LOHAS.org

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LOHAS Advisors provides social impact investment advisory services to investors and their advisors. Despite the dramatic growth in impact investing, challenges remain in identifying and engaging financially compelling, direct investment opportunities that yield real social or environmental results. LOHAS Advisors empowers individuals and organizations to generate the profitable and impactful outcomes they desire.

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LOHAS Capital is dedicated to strategic marketing and fundraising efforts for socially and environmentally impactful businesses, funds, projects, and productions. Leveraging relationships and data within the family office and social impact investor community, LOHAS Capital develops strategies and utilizes specialized technology and techniques to generate capital, awareness, and influencer support for health, sustainability, and social impact ventures. Visit LOHASCapital.com

Intergenerational Wealth Management

Intergenerational Wealth Management

Intergenerational Wealth Management

Would your family office, investment advisor, or wealth management practice benefit from improving client satisfaction and retention through more sophisticated impact investing strategies and experienced execution support?

Exceed Evolving Client Expectations

The demands on financial professionals serving wealthy clients are quickly evolving. It’s no longer adequate simply to meet financial return goals or just invest in public market ESG-screened funds. On the contrary, there is a growing desire across genders and generations to support socially or environmentally impactful causes through investments that also yield market-rate returns.

This trend is forcing family offices, wealth managers, and investment advisors, who want to excel in this rapidly changing space, to re-think their approaches to satisfying client expectations without diminishing control or income.

How We Help

LOHAS recognizes that impact investing shifts are required just as often during instances of matriarchal inheritance as during transfer of wealth to next-generation family members. Understanding that this may be a blind spot for many financial professionals, the LOHAS team has developed innovative solutions for serving the needs of all parties.

Examples of creative impact investing strategies developed and implemented by LOHAS to satisfy matriarchs and intergenerational interests include:

Impact Investing Through Donor-Advised Funds

Social Impact Entertainment

For-Profits Ventures for Nonprofits and Family Foundations


Donor-Advised Funds (DAF’s) are not only highly flexible tax management structures but also pools of capital that can potentially be used by next-generational family members to invest in for-profit impact ventures.

For wealth managers, funds in client DAF’s have already been donated so LOHAS’ support in managing the investment of those funds does not impact AUM.

DAF’s can be deployed in a variety of creative structures to satisfy socially and/or environmentally impactful goals while also teaching important investment considerations to the next generation of investors.

Social Impact Entertainment

LOHAS recognizes the power of compelling film, media, and storytelling content to reach and inspire a broader audience and provides strategic and financial insight and support to enable intelligent SIE productions that benefit society and the planet while still generating competitive financial returns.

Leveraging such opportunities can amplify messaging and achieve systemic impact more effectively than through solely traditional portfolio options.

The allure of Social Impact Entertainment (SIE) can also serve as a cause-supporting path that engages parties across generations.


Nonprofits and private family foundations are often of great interest to next-generational family members, but challenges exist with achieving financial sustainability within nonprofits’ giving strategies.

LOHAS helps grow nonprofit AUM through strategic structuring of customized partner for-profit ventures, supporting the nonprofit’s mission and funding while also engaging entrepreneurial interests across generations.


LOHAS is not a registered investment advisor and has no assets under management. We are a boutique consultancy supporting the unique requirements of financial professionals.

Beyond a deep understanding of the needs of family offices, wealth managers, and investment advisors in the impact investing arena, LOHAS team members are social and environmental impact veterans and experts in developing strategies to satisfy intergenerational desires.

Our Team is Our Strength

LOHAS Partner Tami Kesselman is actively involved with NEXUS Global (which “unites young investors, social entrepreneurs and allies to accelerate global solutions”). She serves on the Steering Committee for the NEXUS Impact Investing Working Group, advising next-generation heirs of some of the world’s largest families on portfolio stewardship and wealth transition.

LOHAS also recognizes the importance of customized applications of proven structures. As a partner, Kesselman leverages a proprietary 15-point impact investing framework she developed at Harvard – and annually lectures on at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School – customizing aspects of the framework to empower LOHAS clients in their quest to manage competing impact and fiduciary goals. The results speak for themselves with enthusiastic clients that are engaged on the projects and initiatives of most interest to them. For the wealth managers and financial advisors with whom we work, this translates to helping them create strategies to deliver higher value and greater satisfaction to multi-generational clients, driving improved client retention during generational transfer events.

Deepening Your Client Relationships

Whether you are a family office looking to accelerate social or environmental impact or a wealth manager or investment advisor that acknowledges the importance of impact investing as a client retention strategy, LOHAS has the experience and expertise to funnel your clients’ impact priorities into effective investment strategies that translate across generations and has the relationships and operational track record to support successful execution. To learn more about how LOHAS can help, contact us today.