LOHAS works with its clients and their investment advisors and wealth managers to identify the optimal mix of financial requirements and social or environmental values for investing that delivers both profit and impact.

LOHAS works with its clients and their investment advisors and wealth managers to understand risk/return profiles and explore alternative investment strategies, and then we source, analyze, help structure, and support impact investment transactions.

LOHAS works with a variety of clients on issues most relevant to them, customizing each engagement to meet their needs; but we also focus heavily on key areas and strategies that reflect our team’s expertise and more effectively enable our clients’ aspirations.

Investment seeking both profit and impact comes from a growing variety of sources – from individual investors to organizations to their advisors – and LOHAS works with each to support their specific needs, developing customized strategies and providing hands-on implementation.

Whether keynoting or moderating family office, impact investing, or social impact entertainment conferences, contributing to leading publications, delivering or participating in webinars or podcasts, or providing interviews on key industry topics, the LOHAS team helps drive public discourse on investment delivering both profit and impact.

LOHAS team members leverage vast operational experience and extensive industry relationships to deliver execution-ready impact investing strategies with enabling partner affiliations and hands-on support.

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LOHAS operates at the intersection of impact investing and philanthropy, enabling the investment of tax-deductible, charitable contributions and foundation grants into for-profit, private-sector socially and environmentally impactful companies, funds, projects, and entertainment productions, using donor-advised funds, fiscal sponsor programs, charitable trusts, and related structures and strategies to deliver sustainable impact. Visit LOHAS.org

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LOHAS Advisors provides social impact investment advisory services to investors and their advisors. Despite the dramatic growth in impact investing, challenges remain in identifying and engaging financially compelling, direct investment opportunities that yield real social or environmental results. LOHAS Advisors empowers individuals and organizations to generate the profitable and impactful outcomes they desire.

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LOHAS Capital is dedicated to strategic marketing and fundraising efforts for socially and environmentally impactful businesses, funds, projects, and productions. Leveraging relationships and data within the family office and social impact investor community, LOHAS Capital develops strategies and utilizes specialized technology and techniques to generate capital, awareness, and influencer support for health, sustainability, and social impact ventures. Visit LOHASCapital.com

Welcome to the New LOHAS Advisors Website

By: The LOHAS Team
May 10, 2021
May 10, 2021

Welcome to the new and improved LOHAS Advisors website! As our practice has expanded and the team has grown, we felt compelled to provide greater detail on the types of opportunities that exist for investors and their advisors that are interested in growing their portfolios to include options yielding not only attractive financial returns but also meaningful social and environmental benefits.

To address those inquiries and highlight the opportunities, here are some areas of focus in the new website:

What We Do

We are constantly working to develop and enhance our core practice areas and expertise and are keen to share those insights and innovations with our clients whenever possible. You will find more about several key areas of impact investing innovation that LOHAS is focused on in our new Practice Disciplines section of the website (some of which we capture below).

Don’t see your area of interest? Let’s talk! We are constantly working with clients to bring new impact investment insights and innovations to market and are happy to work together to build a new practice discipline.

Donor-Advised Funds

These fast-growing and creative sources of capital are now being used for direct impact investing in for-profit ventures, and LOHAS Advisors can serve as your donor-advised fund manager to enable your social or environmental impact investing vision.

Learn more about our Donor-Advised Funds practice discipline.

Social Impact Entertainment

Harness the power of storytelling to motivate social change at a global scale. The LOHAS Advisors SIE team works directly with passionate investors and cause-based organizations to develop and distribute film and television productions that generate greater understanding and awareness of a cause while also capturing attractive financial returns and inspiring action.

Learn more about our Social Impact Entertainment practice discipline.

Intergenerational Wealth Management

There is a growing desire across genders and generations to support socially or environmentally impactful causes through investments that also yield market-rate returns. Understanding that this may be a blind spot for many financial advisory professionals, the LOHAS Advisors team has developed innovative solutions for supporting wealth managers, financial advisors, and family offices in better serving their quickly evolving client demands.

Learn more about our Intergenerational Wealth Management practice discipline.

Sustainability Strategies

The LOHAS team draws on its considerable environmental investment expertise to support investors and their advisors as they analyze the investment risks and rewards associated with climate change. Because sustainability assessments can help maximize opportunities and protect against future pitfalls, LOHAS Advisors explores all facets, including how to use environmentally beneficial ventures to engage a broader group of family investors.

Learn more about our Sustainability Strategies practice discipline.

For-Profits for Nonprofits

An increasing number of nonprofits are recognizing the need to develop sustainable business models to ensure financial viability. Our For-Profits for Nonprofits discipline has the unique skill set needed to guide nonprofits through forming a for-profit that can return lasting financial support back to the main organizational mission.

Learn more about our For-Profits for Nonprofits practice discipline.

Who We Are

Beyond showcasing our range of services, this website was built to be a platform for our growing team of impact investment veterans to share insights while pioneering new frontiers in the industry.

For example, the LOHAS Advisors team is honored to have Tami Kesselman, an expert on achieving concurrent financial and impact results who spent the past two decades working to advance the success of socially and environmentally motivated investing. Tami, a Harvard-educated strategist and former Bain consultant, has an innate ability to help clients reallocate investment capital in ways that resonate across generations and has therefore become highly sought after as increasingly more wealth is transitioning.

In addition, William Nix joined the LOHAS Advisors team to expand our reach into Social Impact Entertainment. With deep experience in the entertainment industry as a producer, attorney, advisor, and co-founder of the Social Impact Entertainment Society, Will brings a high degree of expertise to the table, helping our clients transform their causes into compelling entertainment productions that generate financial returns while also galvanizing audiences.

Our Thought Leadership

The LOHAS team is very active in the impact investing community, and we regularly feature thought-provoking blogs, published articles, interviews, podcasts, and educational webinars relevant to our clients. Look for these resources on our thought leadership page. We also share information on special events and conferences at which we will be presenting or attending so that we can schedule time for direct dialogue.

We’re Here to Help

We are excited for the new and growing opportunities at LOHAS Advisors and look forward to supporting the impact investing needs of investors and their advisors. Please explore the website for a deeper dive into LOHAS Advisor’s social or environmental impact investing knowledge and strategies. You can also connect with us here.

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